Valeria Ceregini‘s curatorial practice is focused on the etymological meaning of words, artworks, vernacular traditions, social and cultural situation because she always uses her humanistic studies, such as semiotics methods to read and to analyse artworks via philosophical and aesthetics tools to understand and manage the contemporary art.

She is always involved in a collaborative production, working together with artists on  context.

Her curatorial interests are focused on two different research pathways: the abstract painting through its poetical emotion and the dichotomy nature-culture.

The first research project is about the causes and motivations of abstract innate pictorial process which has possibles similarities with modernist literature tradition and its stream of consciousness.
The second research, originated from her work experience with the Italian artist Piero Gilardi, examines the relationship between nature and culture where, in our society, the nature is always a cultural product, a part of anthropocentric vision of social world.