Valeria Ceregini‘s curatorial practice is focused on the etymological meaning of words, artworks, vernacular traditions, social and cultural situation. She is particularly attracted by abstract painting, photography, new media and digital art.

She always uses her humanistic studies, such as semiotics methods to read and analyse artworks via philosophical and aesthetics tools to understand and manage contemporary art. She is constantly involved in a collaborative production, working together with artists on context.

Her curatorial practice is characterised by two different research pathways: the abstract painting through its poetical emotion and the dichotomy nature-culture.

The first topic researches the causes and motivations of abstract art and its innate pictorial process as similarly on modernist literature tradition and its stream of consciousness.

The latter topic examines the relationship between nature and culture to demonstrate how nature has become a cultural product, an anthropocentric vision of the social world. These concepts are argued in her most recent publication OVER NATURE, which gives the name at the touring group exhibition staged now across Ireland and UK.

She is currently engaged with the OVER NATURE exhibition project, interested to explore through visual and multimedia art the human vision and perception of our cultures and place in the world, notwithstanding that technologies have changed human activities and languages in the Anthropocene era.