Painting through its poetical emotions, 2018

Episode #2

Exhibition catalogue Painting through its poetical emotions
Episode #2

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editor: Michele Zeverino
Graphic Design: Duje Medić
Print: Sveučilišna tiskara d.o.o. Zagreb
Pages: 46 Colour and  black and white
Edition: 300 pieces numbered

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Beyond the Painting, 2018

Exhibition catalogue Beyond the Painting
Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #1

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Marijn Dekkers, Tamara Derksen
Graphic Design: Jens Standke
Print: Drukkerij HABE Tilburg
Pages: 42 Colour and  black and white
Edition: 50 pieces numbered

ISBN: 978-90-826841-3-1

Piero Gilardi, La mia biopolitica, 2016.

Piero Gilardi

Arte e lotte del vivente. Scritti 1963-201

a cura di T. Trini, V. Ceregini
Edizione Prearo, Milano, 2016

ISBN: 978 88 7348 11 2

Alexander Barner, Paradisecity2016.

Alexander Barner, Barner Show, 2014.