A Snake, A Ladder

Sarah Wren Wilson 
A Snake, A Ladder, 2021

A book made possible

Foreword: Bernadette Greenan
Text: Valeria Ceregini
Interview: Ramon Kassam
Graphic Design: Sarah Wren Wilson
Editorial Support: Valeria Ceregini
Print: Plus Print, Dublin
Pages: 53 Full colour printing
Hard cover, cm
Edition: 50 copies

ISBN: 9781527286146

Artist book was supported by
Linen Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co Mayo and Arts Council of Ireland.

The astonishment of colour

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Shozo Shimamoto 
The astonishment of colour, 2021

Texts: Valeria Ceregini, Piero Tomassoni
Translations: Jeffrey Jennings
Photographs: Carlo Vannini
Graphic Design: Elena Bodecchi
Print: Graphic & Digital Projects, Milan
Pages: 126 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 19 x 25 cm
Exhibition catalogue
Cardi Gallery, London and Milan

Paint to Write

Cover. José Heekens Paint to Write

José Heerkens 
Paint to Write, 2021

Text: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Andrea Bongers, José Heerkens
Photographs: Willem Kuijpers, Christoph Dahlhausen,
José Heerkens, Gabriel Müller, Hanneke van Oostaijen
Music improvisation: Peter Koetsveld
Graphic Design: Robbert Zweegman
Print: Marc Gijzen
Publisher: Van Spijk Art Books, Zevenaar
Pages: 72 Full colour printing
Hard cover, 22 x 22 cm
Edition: 1000 copies

ISBN: 9789062169030

Artist book was supported by
Mondriaan Fund –  the public fund for visual art and cultural heritage Jaap Harten Fonds

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PAV series

Ecological vision on both sides of the wall, 2019

Curated by Marco Scotini

Contributions by Valeria Ceregini about artists
Imre Bukta (p. 181 – 188) and Ana Lupas (p. 189 – 196).

Print: Archive Books, Berlin.
Pages: 234  B/W printing
Soft cover, 16 x 24 cm

ISBN: 978 3 943620 97 9

Over Nature

Over Nature, 2019

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Shane Finan, Kathy Herbert
Graphic Design: Duje Medić
Pages: 48 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm
Edition: 300 copies

ISBN: 978 1 4468 8027 2

Catalogue was supported by
Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre, Limavady, Co Londonderry; OPW – Office of Public Works; RCC – Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co Donegal; The Courthouse Gallery & Studios, Ennistymon, Co Clare; Luan Gallery, Athlone, Co Westmeath.

LOGO Landscape

De Natura

De Natura, 2018

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Graphic Design: Giorgio Bena
Print: Citiemme Grafica e Stampa, Torino
Pages: 20 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 13 x 21 cm
Edition: 50 copies

The catalogue was supported by


Painting through its poetical emotions

Episode #2

Painting through its poetical emotions, 2018
Episode #2

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editor: Michele Zeverino
Graphic Design: Duje Medić
Print: Sveučilišna tiskara d.o.o., Zagreb
Pages: 46 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm
Edition: 300 copies

Catalogue was supported by Kildare County Council.

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Beyond the Painting

Beyond the Painting, 2018
Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #1

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Marijn Dekkers, Tamara Derksen
Graphic Design: Jens Standke
Print: Drukkerij HABE, Tilburg
Pages: 42 Full colour printing and B/W
Soft cover, hand-tied binding, 13 x 21 cm
Edition: 50 pieces numbered

ISBN: 978-90-826841-3-1

The catalogue was supported by

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La mia biopolitica

Piero Gilardi

Arte e lotte del vivente. Scritti 1963-2014, 2016

a cura di T. Trini, V. Ceregini
Edizione Prearo, Milano.

Pages: 346 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 22 x 25 cm

ISBN: 978 88 7348 11 2

Alexander Barner, Paradisecity, 2016

Alexander Barner, Barner Show, 2014.

Public Talks

Speed Curating (in association with Donegal Visual Artists Network)

This event will introduce Donegal based visual artists to a selected group of Irish & international visual arts curators across a 3 hour participatory speed curating workshop. This event is held in partnership with the Regional Cultural Centre (Letterkenny) and Artlink Dunree.

– August 2021

Rethinking presentation – Adapting to a new landscape

This event in collaboration with Wicklow County Council Arts Office explored some of the new and different ways that artists and curators have presented work outside of traditional institutions as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. Featuring: Valeria CereginiJas Singh and Ciara Finnegan

– January 2021

Culture Night 2020

Live Instagram takeover explore with non-visual artists the Over Nature theme to offer an exclusive and fresh point of view on art as a privileged vehicle to observe and describe the environment.

– September 2020

Over Nature Talks & Panel duscussions


A discussion with the curator Valeria Ceregini and artists Beata Piekarska-Daly & Shane Finan give an artist talk about their practice and the touring exhibition Over Nature chaired by artist and curator Bernadette Hopkins.

– February 2020


An artist talk organised by OPW – The Office of Public Works at Rathfarnham Castle.

Curator Valeria Ceregini hosted a talk with some of the artists involved in the exhibition, including Shane FinanBeata Piekarska-Daly, Mary O’Connor and Kathy Herbert. 

– December 2019


An artist talk organised by the annual HALFTONE Print Fair as part of the Tsundoku Events at The Library Project.

Curator Valeria Ceregini hosted a talk with some of the artists involved in the Over Nature exhibition running at Rathfarnham Castle from 14th November to 21 December 2019, including Shane Finan, Beata Piekarska-Daly and Kathy Herbert.

– November 2019

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A panel discussion organised by TACTIC 2019 Visual Arts Programme hold in St. Lukes Crypt Cork in the setting of the Over Nature exhibition featuring the curator Valeria Ceregini, Carl Dixon (Sample-Studios‘ member) and the extinction activist Ali Braken Ziad.

Discussions will revolve around how the climate may affect us and in turn how we may impact the environment, especially on a local basis.

– October 2019



Lecture organised by Areacreativa42 and chaired by Valeria Ceregini, art historian and curator, hosted a lecture on Lan Art during the group De Natura at Villa Vallero (corso Indipendenza 68, Rivarolo Canavese).

– October 2018