Over Nature

Exhibition catalogue Over Nature

Through this touring group show and editorial project, I want to speak to the core of the human emotions since I wish to come to light the reactions in front of different artworks and mediums which topic is the environment and the landscape. One of the most important aspect of this show is exactly the tour, the chance to settle the show in different spaces and renew every time the exhibition setup, which makes new the dialogue between the artworks and the hosting venue. This publication offers the most narrative and perceptive aspect of every art practice to give a view of artists’ perception of Nature. Each of them demonstrated intellectual awareness of Nature through their different media and engagement, since someone is more close at the environmental issues and activist, and someone else prefer to translate his/her experience of nature via his/her medium (painting, drawing or photograph) without any polemic note.

The Over Nature project is a deep reflection on how we intend and sense or perceive nature with our innermost intellect. People must become sensitised through a new approach to nature-related with art as a vehicle to attract the attention on the ecological problem without any attack, but simply activating constructive debate and a new attitude towards environmental crisis.

Texts: Valeria Ceregini
Editors: Shane Finan, Kathy Herbert
Graphic Design: Duje Medić
Pages: 48 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 14 x 22 cm
Edition: 300 copies

ISBN: 978-1-4468-8027-2

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