De Natura 

Evi Vingerling, Daniele Fabiani, Chen Li 17th November - 16th December 2018Publications Areacreativa42, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo (Turin, IT). De Natura has the intention to bring together three singular painters to show by different cultural approaches, the Dutch Evi Vingerling, the Italian Daniele Fabiani and the Chinese Chen Li, the relationship between art and nature and how … Continue reading De Natura 

Painting through its poetical emotion

Episode #2 Colm Mac Athlaoich, The Waiting Game (20th September - 27th October 2018) Gillian Lawler, This Entropic Order (31st October - 8th December 2018) Denis Kelly, A Sense of Order. A Sense of Disorder. (13th December 2018 - 2nd February 2019) Galleria Weber & Weber, Turin (IT). The artistic and aesthetic impulse of each age is characterized by … Continue reading Painting through its poetical emotion

A Setting

Imogen Brady, Cará Donaghey, Megan Robinson, Dáire McEvoy 18th–21st July 2018 Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin (IE). A setting space of an exhibition is often a liminal space where place and time come together. These two variables make a crack in the experience of audience who is called to live hic et nunc, here and now. Following Heidegger’s existentialist … Continue reading A Setting

Beyond the Painting

Painting through its poetical emotion - Episode #1 José Heerkens, Bettie van Haaster, Linda Arts, Evi Vingerling, Marije Gertenbach 12th May - 17th June 2018 SEA Foundation, Tilburg (NL). The seeds of strife towards the beyond, the abstract and the innermost nature are contained in each manifestation. Consciously or unconsciously, they obey the word of Socrates: … Continue reading Beyond the Painting

Sylvie Romieu. Immersion

17th May - 20th July 2018 Weber & Weber, Turin (IT). La simbiosi fra arte e fotografia in Sylvie Romieu dà vita a un complesso organismo stilistico. La combinazione di influenze, il processo particolare di sovrapposizione delle immagini, spiegano l’alta incidenza dell’inventiva fotografica usata dall’artista come arte pittorica in grado di cogliere le finezze e … Continue reading Sylvie Romieu. Immersion

Denis Kelly. Impeccable Defect

18th - 21st October 2017 Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin (IE). Painting for Denis Kelly is rigour of thought and action. Each element of his art is meditated with rationality and a meticulous description of forms following Kazimir Malevič’s Suprematist criteria, whose purpose was to find a path leading to the essence of art: geometrical abstraction. These … Continue reading Denis Kelly. Impeccable Defect

Natasha Conway. Paintings

27th - 30th September 2017 Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin (IE) Natasha Conway’s paintings are born from a spontaneous and intuitive act devoid of any premeditation, surprising even the artist herself when the work is completed. Her small-size paintings are made of oil on linen or wood panel in line with pictorial tradition, however, although there is … Continue reading Natasha Conway. Paintings

Colm Mac Athlaoich. Travelling Withouth Moving

Painting for Colm Mac Athlaoich is an experiment of technique and colour, a journey into abstraction, a deep and personal experience, an unconscious automatism that takes life on the canvas. His painting is fluid, the ductus is full and free, moving on the surface without any obstacles. The creative subconscious of Mac Athlaoich gets out from between the authentic … Continue reading Colm Mac Athlaoich. Travelling Withouth Moving

Gioberto Noro. Aperture

5th November 2016 - 28th January 2017 Alberto Peola, Turin (IT). Il solo mondo che esiste è l’opaco e l’aprico ne è solo il rovescio. Italo Calvino, Dall’opaco in Romanzi e Racconti vol. III La coppia di artisti Gioberto Noro, mossa da una pulsione cognitiva nella realizzazione dell’opera artistica, fa mostra della volontà di conoscere il reale passando attraverso il … Continue reading Gioberto Noro. Aperture

Paolo Perelli. Pensieri-Oggetti

28th May – 11st June 2016 AccorsiArte, Turin (IT). Paolo Perelli realizza le sue opere con meticolosa precisione, la sua scrupolosa attenzione verso ogni singolo elemento della composizione è atto a favorire una percezione sensibile della sua produzione artistica che si fa artificio di una visone dell’umano sentire. Le raffinate sculture realizzate per lo più … Continue reading Paolo Perelli. Pensieri-Oggetti